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How to choose artwork for your home?

Everyone is picky about what to hang on their wall. It takes ages to find the ideal picture. Some people never find it and eventually they turn a blind eye to their stark walls, without pictures. Some people even have beautiful picture frames on display on their units, with perhaps the beige cardboard inset, instead of a picture. They can't even find a tiny picture or photograph. Why? What can be done about this?

Ask yourself "What do I like? What floats my boat?" Make a cup of tea, coffee or hot chocolate, or pour a glass of wine and sit somewhere quiet with a pen and piece of paper. Write a list of all the things that float your boat, gets you interested and makes you happy. These are the clues to the pictures which will inspire you when hanging on your walls. It doesn't matter what other people are hanging on their walls. Your pictures don't need to inspire your friends when they call, the pictures only need to inspire you.

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